Hybrid Flexible Course and Program Design: Models for Student-Directed Hybrids

Originally posted on April 6, 2016 by Brian Beatty

On April 21, 2016, I will be joined by six colleagues on a panel presentation describing the hybrid flexible (HyFlex, in my terms) approaches our respective institutions are implementing to meet the specific needs and desires of our constituents. Here I provide a brief summary from the panel presentation extended abstract. If you are attending OLC Innovate 2016 in New Orleans April 20-22, I invite you to attend. This session was also being streamed for remote participants.


Classic New Orleans

Classic New Orleans

Handout from OLC 2016 Panel Presentation


Panel Presenters:
Brian Beatty, SF State University
Cathy M. Littlefield, Peirce College
Jackie Bryce Miller, University of Michigan
David Rhoads, San Diego Christian College
Mike Shurance, Concordia University
Dean Shaffer, Penn State University Lehigh Valley and World Campus
Maggie Beers, SF State University


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